Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dungeons & Discourse, SXSWedu-style

Thursday morning, it was all about Dungeons & Discourse, baby.

Yes, it was the final day of a conference. Yes, we were opposite a MOOC "cage match". Yes, our session was at 9 a.m.

Even so, we rocked, if I may be so bold as to say it. Emily, Justin, and I had been spreading word of our projects and our session at every conceivable opportunity over the previous days, and interest was high (especially after the double-endorsement from the SXSWedu Advisory Board a week ahead of the conference!). Edugaming was one of the key themes weaving through this year's event, and we were ready to feed the hunger: after many, many sessions talking abstractions about games in education, people were ready to hear about three projects that are actual - actually reaching students, actually breaking out of factory-model education, and actually collaborating in an altruistic, non-competitive way.

If you're interested in seeing and hearing how it went, here are some links for ya:
Let me tell you about the Dread Sophist...

  • The official SXSWedu podcast of our session (I start talking at 22:00 about Dungeons & Discourse, but you should listen to the whole thing, of course - Project LAPIS/BIOME and Tres Columnae are kindred spirits, and amazing projects.)
  • The Prezi I was using during my talk (you're just going to have to figure out the timing for yourself, I'm afraid :-)
  • The public demo of Dungeons & Discourse in the Canvas LMS (it's not fully functional, of course; but it'll probably whet your appetite.)

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